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Quench is an AquaVenture Holdings business. For more information, please visit www.quenchonline.com . About AquaVenture Holdings: AquaVenture Holdings (NYSE: WAAS ) is a multinational provider of Water-as-a-Service, or WAAS, solutions that provide our customers with a reliable and cost-effective source of clean drinking and process water. AquaVenture Holdings is composed of two operating platforms: Quench, a U.S. based provider of filtered water systems and related products; and Seven Seas Water, a multinational provider of desalination and wastewater treatment solutions, providing seven billion gallons of potable, high purity, industrial grade, and ultra-pure water per year to governmental, municipal, industrial, and hospitality customers. For more information, please visit www.aquaventure.com . About Avendra: Formed in 2001, Avendra is North America's leading procurement services provider serving the hospitality industry. water cooler Avendra customers gain access to contracts leveraging over $4 billion of annual purchases, expert advisory services and in-depth purchasing data and analysis. Through Avendra, customers obtain substantial savings on their purchases and other value added services to improve their operations and bottom line results.

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